Accusing Minister of Health K. Sudhakar of lying to the population that only three people had died in Chamarajanagar, former chief minister Siddaramaiah said on Tuesday that a total of 28 people had died due to failure -availability of oxygen in the district last Sunday and Monday morning. .

Mr Siddaramaiah, who arrived in Chamarajanagar on Tuesday and visited the district hospital with Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) chairman DK Shivakumar, told reporters that although there are enough information in advance, the state government remained careless, leading to tragic deaths.

He demanded compensation of 25 lakh from the next of kin of each of the victims. He pointed out that 14 of the dead were young people and their families were thrown onto the streets after their deaths. Previously, he had met with officials from the district administration.

Later, speaking to relatives of the victims, Siddaramaiah said the minister claimed only three died due to lack of oxygen and rest from COVID-19. “But during our cross-examination with the officials, we learned that all of them died due to lack of oxygen,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shivakumar accused the state government of “murder” and said Congress was paying particular attention to the fact that a judicial inquiry should be conducted into the matter.

CM’s response

Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, responding to Mr Siddaramaiah’s resignation request, said on Tuesday: “He has always asked for my resignation. It is his duty as leader of the opposition. I urge him to make suggestions, because resigning will not help.