Pfizer is in talks with the government for a fast-track approval path to make the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine available, its chief Albert Bourla said on Monday, while saying the company was donating drugs worth $ 70 million (over ₹ 510 crore) for the treatment of COVID- 19 patients.

“We are deeply concerned about the plight of COVID-19 in India, and our hearts go out to you, your loved ones and all the people of India,” he said in a letter sent to employees of Pfizer India he posted on the link. in.

Pfizer is committed to being a partner in India’s fight against this disease and is quickly working to mobilize the largest humanitarian relief effort in the company’s history, he said.

“Currently, Pfizer colleagues in distribution centers in the United States, Europe and Asia are working hard to expedite shipments of Pfizer drugs that the Indian government has identified as part of its protocol. COVID treatment, ”Mr. Bourla said.

Pfizer is donating these drugs to ensure that every COVID-19 patient in every public hospital can access the drugs they need for free, he said.

“These drugs, valued at over $ 70 million, will be available immediately and we will work closely with the government and our NGO partners to get them where they are most needed,” said Bourla.

This effort, combined with funding from the Pfizer Foundation which supports humanitarian organizations providing essential and life-saving equipment to India, such as ventilators, oxygen concentrators and consumables, is our most comprehensive humanitarian response to this. day, he said.

He also said the company understood that access to vaccines was key to ending this pandemic.

“Unfortunately, our vaccine is not registered in India although our request was submitted months ago. We are discussing with the Indian government a fast-track approval path to make our Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine available for use in the country.

“As we work to meet public health needs and to be a partner with the Government of India in establishing a way forward for our vaccine, please know that you and your loved ones are at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers.”

Pfizer said last month that it had offered a nonprofit prize for its vaccine for the government’s vaccination program in India.

“Pfizer remains committed to continuing its engagement with the government to make the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines available for use in the government immunization program in the country,” the company said in April in an email response to PTI.

The Indian government last month cleared emergency use approval for imported vaccines that have received emergency approval for restricted use by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), the European Agency Medicines (EMA), the UK Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (UK MHRA), Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Agency (PMDA) Japan or which are listed in the WHO (Emergency Use List).