Patna: Unlike last year, students and owners and staff of private coaching institutes and schools are angry with the government of Bihar. latest ordered to close all educational institutions with a view to a increase in COVID19 cases.They protested against the government order and discontent spreads across the state.

Last Saturday, state government issued an order ordering all schools, colleges and coaching institutes to remain closed until April 11 following the increase in COVID cases19. All private schools were planning to start their new academic session, including junior classes from April 5 or 6.

Following the order, a group of students with owners and staff of coaching institutes staged a protest in Biharsharif on Wednesday, the Nalanda district headquarters, against the arrest of three officials of a private coaching institute. They were arrested for violating the guidelines.

Manoj Kumar District Education Officer said the police arrested the Owner of a coaching institute and two staff members for refusing to close the institute, who was running in violation of guidelines issued by the state government.We must act against those who break the guidelines, we must ensure that they are followed,” he said.

According to officials the Nalanda District Administration, who is the district of origin of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Authorities received information on Wednesday that several private coaching institutes were open and were ignoring Biharsharif’s guidelines.

Sasaram, the headquarters of the Rohtas district, witnessed violent protestss Monday against the government decision to close coaching centers like hundreds of students took to the streets. They attacked police vehicles, threw stones and vandalized public property to express their anger.

In addition, dDozens of owners of private schools and coaching institutes staged a peaceful protest in Bhagat Singh Chowk in the city of Patna on Tuesday. They questioned the government’s decision to close coaching schools, colleges and institutes.If the election campaign and polls can take place, assembly session can work, Why can not coaching schools and institutes reopen? asked the protesters.

Similar protests took place in Gaya, Chapra, Masaurhi , Muzaffarpur, Sasaram and other towns in the past 48 hours. Randhir Gandhi, a leader of private coaching institutes, said this hundreds of employees of coaching institutes have no choice because it is their only source of income.We cannot cope with lockdown like a situation of last year when the coaching institutes were closed for months,” he said.

It added that the closure of the coaching centers is not a solution and rather, the government should allow the institutes to be opened under certain conditions.

The president of the Bihar private school and the Children’s Association, Shamael Ahmad, said that they or they appealed to the chief minister Nitish Kumar to allow schools to reopen from April 12.I wrote a letter to the Chief Minister about this and asked for the school to be reopenedshe says.

Earlier, On Sunday, the government’s decision was challenged by a group of owners of private training institutes in Patna when they announced they would not close their training centers. But Patna District Magistrate Chandrasekhar Singh threatened to house the FIRs against the coaching centers if they are open.

The Bihar Coaching Association on Sunday Expressed dissatisfaction with the state government directive to close all educational institutions, including coaching centers. Coaching center owner said that thousands of centers, including hundreds only in Patna has remained severely affected since last year due to the lockdown and this year when the the situation was going well, the state government suddenly gave the order to shut down them again.

however, government adamant to enforce guidelines to verify and control spread of COVID surge19 infections. Meanwhile, Bihar Minister of Health Mangal Pandey has clarified that there is no plan to enforce lockdown in state at the moment.

According to the official website of the state health department, COVID19 cases increased many fold over the last week. There were only 74 positive cases reported on March 30 in the state which rose to 1,089 on April 6. COVID19 cases show a trend increase. Yes not checked in the the next days, the situation can get worse, a senior health official said.