People should understand its seriousness and behave the same as when imposing the lockdown for the first time, Ashok Gehlot said.

Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said on Tuesday there was a need for strict and effective measures similar to the lockdown and ordered officials to develop guidelines to curb the spread of the virus.

He called on people to behave like there is a lockdown, saying the second wave of Covid-19 is more dangerous.

Mr Gehlot said socio-religious and cultural activities in the state must be limited as the death rate increases.

Extending the duration of the curfew, reducing the number of participants in weddings and other social functions, reducing the presence of people in workplaces and the number of passengers on public transport are the need of the hour, a t -he declares.

“In view of these suggestions, the necessary guidelines need to be prepared. Drastic measures need to be taken. The general public may suffer a bit, but saving lives is paramount,” Gehlot said at a meeting examination of the Covid-19 at his home.

The chief minister also called on officials to increase the number of dedicated anti-Covid hospitals, day care centers, in addition to other medical facilities, including oxygen and intensive care beds, drugs.

Mr Gehlot said this second wave of coronavirus infection was even more deadly than before.

People should understand its seriousness and behave the same way they did when the lockdown was first imposed, the CM said.

Figures and studies show that the effect of the virus in the second wave, the speed of infection and the death rate is higher than before, he added.

Health Minister Raghu Sharma said the Department of Health and Medicine was vigilantly prepared.

Oxygen support in Covid hospital systems, intensive care beds, ventilators and other facilities is being stepped up, he added.