Brigade REAP has selected five companies from 122 applicants as part of its 9th start-up cohort for an intensive 18-week program to help them unlock value and grow their business.

The five start-ups were chosen from eight finalists who took part in two jury rounds.

These include Angirus, which offers environmentally friendly technology for the affordable housing industry; MetroGuild, which offers hyper-personalized marketing and sales tools for the real estate industry; and GoFloaters, which allow individuals and teams to work from anywhere through its network of on-demand workspaces. The other two are Strawcture, which is engaged in green building materials, and Vision Earthcare, a wastewater rejuvenation start-up.

Nirupa Shankar, Director, REAP Brigade, said: “Since its inception, our goal has been to accelerate innovation in the real estate industry and to help deliver and improve efficiency for both the industry and the client. . The goal is to help inventors and innovators create sustainable and scalable businesses. “

She added: “In the past, startups have seen their turnover increase by more than 150% year-on-year, 42% of startups have raised funds within 12 months of graduation, the real estate industry being actively involved not only in giving business but also investing. in several of these startups. Once the progress of the integrated start-up has been demonstrated, the stakeholders clearly identified, the business plan confirmed and the arguments of the clients and investors ready, Brigade REAP provides access to clients for potential investors to fundraising.

“We have a very rigorous selection process where the jury evaluates each incoming application based on the nature of the problem, the founding team, whether the business is successful early on and whether its solution is unique. Our role is to help selected startups refine their value proposition, create or review their business plans and pricing models, and identify clients. REAP Brigade has six pillars of engagement with the startups that are on board, including product, technology, business model, people, go-to-market and scale, ”said John Kuruvilla, Chief Mentor of Brigade REAP.