Russia is looking to several Chinese companies to manufacture the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine to speed up production as demand for its vaccine increases.

Russia has announced three deals totaling 260 million doses with Chinese vaccine companies in recent weeks. It’s a move that could mean faster access to a vaccine for countries in Latin America, West Asia and Africa that have ordered the vaccine from Russia, with the US and the EU mainly focusing on national immunization needs.

Previously, criticism of the Russian vaccine was largely assuaged by data published in The Lancet That said, large-scale testing has shown it to be safe, with an effectiveness rate of 91%.

Still, experts questioned whether Russia could honor its commitment to countries around the world. While promising hundreds of millions of doses, he delivered only a fraction.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said demand for Sputnik V significantly exceeded Russia’s domestic production capacity.

To boost production, the Russian Direct Investment Fund, which financed Sputnik V, signed deals with drug makers in India, South Korea, Brazil, Serbia, Turkey, Italy and other countries. ‘other. There is little indication, however, that overseas manufacturers, except those in Belarus and Kazakhstan, have so far manufactured large quantities of the vaccine.

Airfinity, a UK-based scientific analysis company, estimates that Russia has agreed to supply 630 million doses of Sputnik V to more than 100 countries, with just 11.5 million doses exported so far.