With many athletes camped out at training facilities testing positive for the coronavirus, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) has implemented more stringent protocols, including weekly testing of all athletes and staff. support on its campuses across the country.

“Following the second wave of Covid-19 cases across India, the ISC has issued a new set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to curb its spread on SAI campuses and national centers for excellence (NCOE), ”the ISC said in a statement. .

“Weekly testing of all athletes, support staff and administration will be carried out and strict quarantine standards have been put in place,” he added.

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Special schedules and staggered training times will be provided for the probable Olympians so that there is no interruption in their training.

The new SOP states that an athlete, who joins a camp, should take an RT-PCR test within 72 hours of arrival and should only be allowed into the center if the report is negative.

“For national campers who are Olympic likely, they will be required to complete a 7-day quarantine, training being permitted with the appropriate COVID protocols, which will be phased in with coach supervision.”

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In addition, an RT-PCR test will be performed for national campers on the sixth day of quarantine and weekly thereafter.

“They will be allowed to train if they are negative, and will be treated according to state government protocol, if they test positive.”

SAI announced stricter SOPs on a day when 24 athletes and 12 support staff tested positive at its center in Bhopal.

According to SAI, the positive cases were revealed during two rounds of precautionary testing on April 3 and 6. The Bhopal Center does not host any probable Olympics.

On March 31, 30 athletes and support staff from all disciplines tested positive for COVID-19 after 741 precautionary tests were carried out at the national centers of excellence in Patiala and Bengaluru.

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