A multi-channel business engagement platform, Outplay has raised $ 7.3 million Series A from Sequoia Capital India. Outplay will use the funding to invest in technology and hire global talent.

Launched in 2019, Outplay’s mission is to bring predictability to outbound sales and help every salesperson speak to the right prospect at the right time through the right channel. The platform helps outbound sales teams plan, execute, track, measure and optimize interactions between businesses and their prospects across multiple channels such as email, phone, SMS, social media as well as chat. live. Outplay also offers support to ensure adoption of the software by customer teams within days.

Businesses today rely on a combination of inbound and outbound sales models to generate revenue. While the inbound sales process has evolved rapidly over the past decade, outbound sales have not. Outbound sales teams typically use high volume tactics to generate revenue. But this approach is not scalable, and revenue ultimately becomes a function of the size of the outgoing sales team.

This is because outbound sales teams don’t have a data-driven approach to targeting the leads most likely to convert and end up spending time sending emails or cold calling hundreds of leads. hoping to convert a few. This is where Outplay comes in.

“Outplay is committed to ensuring that sales teams only reach out to the warmest prospects at any given time across multiple channels, optimizing time and resources. ”Said Laxman Papineni, CEO of Outplay.

With Outplay, sales managers can create data-driven sales playbooks to coach their team members and help them reach their sales goals. The platform’s combination of automation and customization helps teams start real conversations at scale, allowing them to stay focused on their task by using multiple channels through a single interface to drive more meetings. Salespeople are thus able to build a multi-channel communication plan for their prospects by e-mail, phone, SMS, LinkedIn, Twitter and chat.

“Salespeople spend an average of four hours a day on Outplay, demonstrating the effectiveness of the product, which benefits from top customer reviews. Additionally, the rapid digitization due to Covid has been a significant accelerator for the business and we believe these favorable winds will continue as outbound sales become more digital, ”said Harshjit Sethi, Director of Sequoia India.

The Bengaluru-based company was part of Sequoia Surge’s fourth cohort and had raised a $ 2 million funding round earlier this year. Since then, the company claims to have quadrupled its turnover, 3 times the size of its team and has customers in more than 50 countries.