The Kerala State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) tasked the Inspector General of Police, Crime Service, to take the necessary measures and develop effective methods to combat pornography. juvenile and other sexual crimes against children in the state. Following a petition filed by a human rights activist in Kannur, Commission Member K. Byjunath requested reports from the Director of General Education as well as from the IGP of the Crime Directorate. The Commission has developed a series of recommendations for schools and the police in this regard.

The petitioner had requested the intervention of the SHRC to order the Ministry of the Interior to take action to combat child pornography, as the police were said to have been slow to take action in this regard. He also asked cyber experts to look into darknet and social media platforms such as Instagram and Telegram to track such cases. At the same time, the petitioner requested the intervention of the education, health and police departments to appoint a clinical psychologist in each school in the state and to make children aware of the crimes against them.

The Director of General Education informed the Commission in a report that appointing a clinical psychologist in each school would place an enormous financial burden on the government and instead suggested counseling courses in collaboration with the Department of Health or more effective use of counseling services in secondary schools.

The IG of Crime Branch, in its report, spoke of “ P-Hunt ”, an operation in place in the department since 2017, exclusively against child sex offenders on the Internet. He also talks about the CCSE, a unit dedicated to monitoring perpetrators of online sexual abuse, which works in coordination with international organizations.

Appreciating the efforts made by the police and taking into account the gravity of the case, the Commission asked the IG to effectively monitor the operations mentioned in its report and to take measures to sensitize students and parents to these crimes. .

The Commission has tasked the Director of General Education to ensure that each educational institution regularly runs counseling programs for students with the help of NGOs or the Ministry of Social Justice. The principal should direct heads of educational institutions to seek assistance from the district legal services authority and the taluk in organizing awareness courses and providing legal services to parents, students or teachers.