The Signal messaging app faced a temporary outage amid a massive increase in its usage, the platform said.

Service was discontinued for many users around the world on Friday evening. Users have taken to social media to report issues with the app. Many users were able to log in or sign in to the app. “We’re still working as quickly as possible to bring additional capacity online to handle peak traffic.” Signal tweeted at 6:39 am IST.

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Signal had acknowledged the problem on Twitter at 10:03 pm IST, saying the platform was facing some “technical difficulties”.

The platform then detailed the problem by indicating that it was working on additional capacity because the use exceeded forecasts.

“We added new servers and additional capacity at a record pace every day this week without disruption, but today we have exceeded even our most optimistic forecasts. Millions upon millions of new users send a message that privacy is important. We appreciate your patience, ”he tweeted. “We are making progress towards bringing the service back online. Protecting privacy is our top priority, but adding capacity is a close second for now, ”he added.

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The app has seen a surge in new installs following the approval of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and help issues with WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. The app’s installs on Google’s Play Store alone saw a 5x increase according to a screenshot shared by Signal earlier this week.