Chennai: Next Sunday at 7 a.m., Socialism will marry Mamata Banerjee blessed by Marxism and Leninism in Ammani Kondalampatti Kattoor in the district of Salem, in western Tamil Nadu. It is not a joke.

The groom is indeed AM Socialism, the son of A Mohan, the secretary of the Salem district unit of the Communist Party of India and AM Marxism and Leninism, the groom’s siblings, will be among the wedding participants. which is planned in their modest house on sight on the Covid-19 containment. Bride Mamata Banerjee, with a BA in English Literature, comes from a Congressional family and has distant ties to socialism. She was named so when Mamata Banerjee was a congressional leader, before forming the All India Trinamool Congress.

For those who know this family, this is no surprise. In fact, the three single-named brothers were brought to light in 2016 when Mohan entered the fray in the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections as a candidate for the Popular Front for Welfare of which the CPI was a constituent. . The identities of his children were revealed in his affidavit of election, which amused many.

Mohan has been receiving calls from random strangers since Socialism and Mamata Banerjee’s wedding invitation card containing his phone number was shared on social media platforms. “I don’t know who posted it on Twitter but it went viral. As an ardent Communist, I had named my sons after the three ideologies during the disintegration of the Soviet Union. I wanted their ideological names to live on forever, ”Mohan said.

The wedding will be honored by CPI Secretary of State R Mutharsan and K Subbarayan Party MP, among others.

Communism and Leninism are already married, and socialism is the youngest of the siblings. Moreover, Leninism named its son Marxism!