Religious fervor marked the Telugu Plava nama Ugadi celebrations at the temple of Lord Venkateswara on Tuesday.

Special rituals were carried out inside the temple to welcome the New Year. Shortly after the completion of the pre-dawn rituals, “Visesha samarpana” was returned to the deities of Malayappa and his two divine brides followed by a grand procession around the Vimana Prakaram inside the hill temple. .

Later, the presiding deity was ceremoniously adorned with new silk robes and the event was attended by Asthanam and the traditional Panchanga Sravanam at Bangaru Vakili (golden gate) inside the temple.

The temple was colorfully decorated with various hues of flowers and aromatic fruits suitable for the occasion. About eight tons of flowers, in addition to 70,000 cut flowers in addition to several tons of fruit, were used to beautify the entire temple complex.

About 100 floral artists, specially invited for this purpose from Karnataka and Telangana, worked for more than three days to decorate the temple and its enclosure.

The Dasavathara images of Maha Vishnu carved with fruit and the idols of Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy engraved with navadhanyams were cynosure in the eyes of devotees.

Published books

Later TTD chairman YV Subba reddy together with KS general manager Jawahar reddy published five books – Vaikhanasa Mahima Manjiri, Sri Uttama Brahma Vidyasaara, Vaikhanasopakhyaanam, Trisati and Dhyana Mukthavali – produced in collaboration with Sri Venkateswara University.

A coffee table book Tirumala – Kaliyuga Vaikuntam with a full analysis of the Hill Temple, its structural importance, administrative configuration, facilities extended to visiting pilgrims and a photographic representation of various religious events and festivals held at the Hill Temple has also been released.