The incumbent chairman of the KPCC, Satish Jarkiholi, has alleged that the Union government discriminates against Karnataka over the provision of vaccines and oxygen.

Speaking to press representatives at his home office in Gogak on Saturday, Mr Satish Jarkiholi said that while he welcomed the state government’s decision to enforce a lockdown, it was necessary that state deputies speak out against discrimination in procurement. vaccine and oxygen.

He said that at a time when the state was facing the brunt of the pandemic and sorely needed the necessary supply of vaccines and oxygen, MPs should fight for the people of the state.

However, none of the MPs opened their mouths and became elected only in name, he said.

“Acute shortage”

Mr Satish Jarkiholi said there was a severe shortage of oxygen in the state due to which hospitals were not receiving the required amount and as a result doctors were struggling to treat patients.