Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the crown jewel of the Tata group, has weathered the pandemic “very well” and has emerged stronger, gaining enormous goodwill and improving its position in the market.

“With an unprecedented global crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic, our business has weathered the pandemic very well and emerged stronger thanks to the agility, resilience and adaptability of our delivery model. This has earned us tremendous goodwill from customers and improved our position in the market, ”Tata Sons President N. Chandrasekaran told shareholders at the company’s 26th AGM on Thursday.

“The need for transformative initiatives to support operational resilience, the shift to digital channels and the preference for contactless interactions has led companies to embark on various technology initiatives. The company is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this multi-year technology upgrade cycle and help customers realize their transformative visions, ”he added.

In terms of revenue, the country’s largest IT company also held its AGM virtually this year as well, with Chandrasekaran starting his speech by paying tribute to TCS founder and first CEO FC Kohli.

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On the new brand statement

Speaking on the company’s new brand statement, “Building on Belief,” Chandrasekaran said TCS has been guided by a set of “strong beliefs” from its inception.

Speaking about the company’s performance for FY21, the chairman said TCS quickly recovered to offer a rapid growth path over the next nine months after the initial lockdown and ended the year on a ” strong note “.

The company has recorded an expanded market share, industry-leading profitability and an unprecedented backlog, he added.

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Female employees

TCS is also one of the largest employers of women in the world. Sustained efforts to improve gender diversity through targeted recruitment, mentoring and coaching of employees have resulted in women currently making up 36.5% of the workforce, a- he added.

The president also briefly touched on the company’s relief efforts against Covid-19, which included a contribution of 273 crore, capacity building of 200 doctors in 22 hospitals in collaboration with Tata Trusts and CMC Vellore Hospital and Care Institute. of Health Sciences and the supply of test kits among others.