Today is Wednesday March 3, 2021, Tithi Panchami until 24:21 Purnimant month is Phalguna and Amavasyant month is Magha. The Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon remains in Libra.

The new born baby’s moon sign will be Libra. Nakshatra will be Swati. The word of the name of today’s newborn baby according to the sign of the Moon will start from R. The lucky number will be 2. The child will be a born diplomat. His ability to weigh both sides of an argument without choosing sides makes him the perfect peacekeeper for the playing field.

Today worship Lord Krishna. Chanting Krishna Beej Mantra will help you gain positivity. Today’s color is green. Start any new or important work within the allotted time in Panchang. Avoid times that are not conducive to a fresh start.