Today is Tuesday May 4, 2021, Tithi Ashtami until 1:09 p.m. Then the month of Navami Purnimant is Vaisakha and the month of Amavasyant is Chaitra. The sun is in Aries and the Moon remains in Capricorn until 8:42 p.m. thereafter in Aquarius.

The new moon sign of the baby born will be Capricorn until 8:42 p.m. after Aquarius. Nakshatra will be Shravana until 8:25 am after Dhanishta. The word of the name of today’s newborn baby according to the sign of the Moon will start from Kho, Ga, Gi, Gu. The lucky number will be 5. Enthusiastic and friendly nature loves to give leadership. In life, friends can make a living or spoil it too. It is therefore necessary to make friends wisely.

Today worship Goddess Durga Read Durga Kavach. Today’s color is red. Start any new or important work in the allotted time in Panchang. Avoid times that are not conducive to a fresh start.