Ujjain: The district recorded 41 crown deaths in April 2021.

It registered 6,753 new cases of corona in April 2021, of which 5,618 patients are from the city of Ujjain.

In Ujjain Division: Ghattia recorded 68 cases of corona, Tarana 374 cases, Mahidpur 183 cases, Barnagar 329 cases, Khachrod 30 cases and Nagda recorded 151 cases.

A total of 43,472 people underwent a corona test while 4,333 people returned home after recovering from the Covid infection.

Active cases were 793 on April 1, which rose to 3,155 on April 30.

The rate of positive cases in the district was 18% on April 30.

On Friday, 20 students and 10 teachers tested positive. An entire family of Indira Nagar has tested positive. Azad Nagar, who has not been hit by the crown, is also slowly appearing on his radar as he now records topical cases on a daily basis. Also on Friday, 2 family members, an 82-year-old woman and a 56-year-old man, tested positive in the area.

New patients include railway staff, LIC officer, government officials, lawyer, tent owner, medical store owner, journalist, PHED employees, professor, university employees, MPEB staff, bank workers and a paan salesman.


After a two-day hiatus, huge crowds were seen in vaccination centers which have been open for over 45 years as of Saturday. Vaccination is ongoing at Atirikt Vishwa Bank Colony, Sanjay Nagar School, Jiwajiganj, B Sc Nursing College, Chhatri Chowk Dispensary, Panvasa School, Ambedkar Manglik Bhawan, Government School Nanakheda and Police Lines Hospital in the city. People began to queue at these centers from 8 a.m. District immunization officer Dr KC Parmar said immunization remained on hold on April 29 and 30. Vaccination is also underway at Chhatri Chowk Municipality and Agar Road Municipality. Meanwhile, thousands of people who have visited parish-wide vaccination centers have been left high and dry due to the reason for the condition.