Ujjain: Even as the second corona wave wreaks havoc across the country, the entire system appears to be a silent spectator of the disaster, as people are left to fend for themselves and their friends and loved ones.
The mind asks the question: Did the corona make the system apathetic or if it was the apathy of the system that led to this bleak situation.
Although the system is spreading this corona pandemic has cornered us, but, with a little thought, we can realize that in fact, it is the system that has let us down.
For example, according to official figures, more corona patients die in hospitals than those who receive treatment at home. What does it say? Did the hospital management let us down? The raging crown has revealed how lacking most public and private hospitals in ventilators, oxygen, intensive care beds and even fire safety equipment.
It is now evident that the whole system has hardly taken any concrete action for the worst case, even after the first wave.
When the mutant coronavirus was found in Maharashtra, no studies were conducted on how the new virus can affect people.
Besides the facilities in hospitals and the lack of research, the health sector also suffers from the shortage of medicines.
The black market for essential drugs and injections is flourishing. The entire medical industry seems to operate unethically.
Profit in private hospitals is exposed as they use the pandemic as an opportunity to scooter corona patients. It is shameful and inhuman.
The Noida District Magistrate and CMO released 200 beds that were occupied by patients who did not require hospitalization. Examples like this force us to think about what is the most dangerous coronavirus or about such hospitals.
The second wave of corona also exposed the medical education system and possibly the overall educational system of the country in the areas of ethics and human values. Medical education must include it more vigorously than ever.
Doctors have failed to educate people about the side effects of corona drugs on people with co-morbidities such as heart disease and diabetes, among others. More care should be taken in patients with a C –Reactive Protein test (CRP test) greater than 10, keeping in mind the side effects of drugs on the liver and heart.
Deaths of patients with a CRP greater than 10 have been caused by Remdesivir injection or vaccination. Despite their effectiveness in treating corona patients, some corticosteroids also have several side effects. Recently, the Union government has advised people to take treatment at home and not to rush to hospitals at once. People should adhere to the standards and guidelines issued by the government.
However, taking inspiration from the havoc wrought by the second corona wave, this may be the best time to overhaul our education system, our hospital management, our way of life and even our governance for good.

Dr Vinod Kumar Gupta is Professor and Head of the Department of Physics, Government Girls College, Ujjain