Ujjain: On Sunday evening, police in central Kotwali raided a surgery store and seized equipment used in treating corona patients.

Cops alleged that the store owner was charging around 5 to 6 times the list price for these items.

CSP Pallavi Shukla said police were told oxygen flow meters and pulse oximeters were being sold at an exorbitant cost to the needy.

Cops attacked the Neeta Surgical on Kotwali Road, after an investigation found the complaints to be true.

According to the CSP, oxygen flow meters with a maximum selling price of Rs 1,000 per piece were sold at Rs 5,600. The store owner was selling substandard pulse oximeters at Rs 1,300 per piece, when the actual price is around Rs 1,000.

Until the filing of this report, the raid was in progress. Store owner Deepak Aswani is registered under Article 188 of the IPC and Articles 269 and 270 of the Outbreak Law.