Ujjain: The district tally reached 13,609, with the city 172 out of 233 people who tested positive for corona on Sunday. The toll is 150.

On Saturday, 262 people tested positive, bringing the total corona to 13,367 in the district. Out of 1902 reports, 221 people from Ujjain city, 13 from Tarana, 11 from Barnagar, 12 from Mahidpur, 3 from Nagda and 1 each from Ghattia and Khachrod, of which 106 women tested positive for the crown on Sunday. All are symptomatic.

A total of 2,981 patients, of whom 1,507 are symptomatic, are currently on treatment. So far, samples from 2,42,458 people have been collected in the district and no reports are expected.

With a record 436 unloaded that day, the total number of corona winners rose to 10,245.