Ujjain: Corona patients and their loved ones across the country are suffering financial hardship paying exorbitant treatment bills without even bothering to raise the issue of the high taxes they are paying in doing so.

However, now a young boy in the city has drawn attention to the fact that the government collects a huge 28% GST on the sale of oxygen, health products and other services essential to the treatment of patients with the disease. of Covid-19.

City youth Gaurav Dhakad has launched a #ScrapeGST #GSTFreeHealthCare campaign to educate deaf people on the plight of commoners. He said the Twitter campaign is a wake-up call for ministers and babus across the country regarding this pressing issue affecting people across the country.

He said the second wave of corona affected people from all walks of life and the prevailing high rate of TPS added to the woes of corona patients and their loved ones.

Subsequently, the Union government issued an order on Saturday evening and reduced the IGST to 12 percent tax on imported oxygen concentrators. The government has already exempted it from import duties.

However, Gaurav called the move of the Measuring Center half-baked.

He demanded that the government manufacture health products, including “Make in India” products and services, free of taxes, at least during the pandemic.

Citing an example, he said: “If the cost of hospitalization is Rs 10 lakh, then the patient ends up paying Rs 2.8 lakh in taxes.

Gaurav said collecting taxes at such high rates from patients and their loved ones during the worst phase of the pandemic is downright inhumane and unfair.