Ujjain: Corona is now spreading rapidly in rural areas. On Thursday, out of 332 corona positive patients in Ujjain district, 73 patients, or 22%, were from the rural area.

Official figures only reflect cases that arise as a result of testing. According to the input data, cases in rural areas are much higher as suspected patients and deaths of suspected victims are not counted in the official figures.

With no vacancies in the city’s hospitals, most patients receive treatment in isolation at home.

Of the 332 positive patients on Thursday, only 16 were admitted to hospitals: 3 in JK hospital, 2 in Patidar hospital, 1 in civilian hospital, 2 in Madhav Nagar hospital, 1 in hospital from the Pushpa mission, 6 to RD Gardi Medical College hospital and 1 patient was admitted to Prashanthidham Care Center.

The latest corona patients include four policemen, a young doctor from RD Gardi Medical College, a real estate broker in Basant Vihar settlement, a teacher in Avantipura, an MPEB employee in Rishi Nagar, a lawyer in Laxmi Nagar and a young doctor in Indira Nagar.

Corona claims 2 two most popular personalities

Educator Rajendra Singh Hada (80) died of a wreath at the private hospital on Friday. He was an active promoter of social and religious events. His wife and relatives are also battling Corona. His son Vishal Singh Hada is a journalist. His last rites were performed according to the corona protocols at Triveni Mokshadham.

A young philanthropist Sanjeev Kulsreshtha (52) also died from a wreath in a private hospital on Friday. He was not married and was the youngest son of veteran Gandhian Krishnamangal Singh Kulsreshtha. He was the younger brother of lawyer Yudhishthir Kulsreshtha and journalist Sandeep Kulsreshtha. People from different backgrounds have expressed deep sorrow at the departure of these two well-known figures from the city.