Ujjain: A woman almost has a blanket to separate her body from the floor while a man, much better than her, has a chair for him, however, they are both luckier than many others who languish in the neighborhood, deprived of oxygen supply. or hospital bed which is crucial for their treatment – awareness, blessing is a relative term.

The scene above at the government’s Madhav Nagar hospital dedicated to Covid on Tuesday makes the poor preparation of the local administration to fight the coronavirus all too evident.

Authorities and public representatives continue to insist on the “best” they have done to secure healthcare facilities for corona patients.

While patients presenting to OPD continue to face the grim state of healthcare facilities. Of the six patients consuming OPD oxygen, one “got lucky” with a chair while another 4 were “destined to recuperate” on the floor.

This is the state of affairs at Madhav Nagar Hospital in the division where Higher Education Minister Mohan Yadav said he had provided all facilities after an inspection on Monday.

Doctors on duty declined to comment as anything related to the condition on the ground is ‘on display’ for anyone who shows up.

From the same hospital, recently emerged the news of the death of some patients due to a lack of oxygen. The establishment seems to be making a habit of giving bad news.

Finally, the fact that the hospital is short of beds defines the inability of the administration to ensure that the necessary is in place to deal with the increasing cases of corona, a situation that goes from bad to worse with each day passes.

The challenge became even more daunting with the corona infection spreading more and more tentacles as the district registered 317 cases, a record, the highest total on record in a single day.

The cacophony of ‘all is well’ claims continues to resonate, competing with statements from relevant authorities and representatives of the public that hospitals will not be allowed to run out of beds or oxygen. This has the least effect on the corona department at Madhav Nagar Hospital, which runs out of beds and even chairs for new patients.

Madhav Nagar Hospital has everything but upstairs to offer new “admissions” after already having received 135 patients.

The situation on the ground raises questions and the big demands of the establishments come crashing to the ground to provide company, if not comfort to the patients, who are experiencing a new low in terms of public health establishments.

The alleged vigilance of decision-makers is relegated to the trash, if there is one, around the corona pavilion.

The OPD of Madhav Nagar Hospital sees more than 200 cough and cold patients visit each day. Many of them are not corona-positive. The six patients who were admitted on Monday await their corona report on the chair and on the floor.