Uttar Pradesh police on Sunday launched an investigation into the death of a Thai woman from COVID-19 after several social media users, including the opposition Samajwadi party, linked the son of a BJP MP Rajya Sabha, claiming she was a sex worker. was allegedly brought by him to Lucknow from Thailand for a huge sum of money.

MP Sanjay Seth has called for a police investigation after allegations and messages linking his son to the woman’s death surfaced. He called the reports false.

However, little is known about the woman.

Mr Seth wrote to Lucknow Police Commissioner DK Thakur requesting an investigation into the case, credentials, further details of the “deceased” woman’s stay in Lucknow, details of her appeal and her admission to the hospital.

“The content of social media posts is concocted, bogus and malicious, tarnishing the social reputation of myself and my family,” Seth said on Sunday.

Following Mr Seth’s letter, Lucknow Police said they have launched an investigation under the direction of a team led by the East Lucknow Police Deputy Commissioner. Those concerned are being questioned, police said, adding that action would be taken based on the investigation.

SP spokesman IP Singh had in a tweet alleged that Mr Seth’s son called a sex worker from Thailand and that she died in Lucknow due to COVID-19. He had asked the police to investigate the case.

After Mr. Seth clarified that he removed his family from the alleged affair, Mr. Singh issued a rebuttal and demanded a CBI investigation. Making a statement, Mr Singh demanded that police reveal whether the woman’s autopsy had been performed and what was the cause of her death. At whose request was the woman brought to Lucknow, he asked.