Even after regular awareness campaigns carried out by the authorities, citizens are still surprised roaming without masks in the areas of Kalyan-Dombivli. The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has sealed five other bars and a wine store for violating COVID standards.

As KDMC Ward # 3, the maximum amount of fines is collected from citizens caught without a mask. In a regular drive continued by KDMC, again collects Rs1.76 lakh within two days.

“Among the 10 neighborhoods of Kalyan-Dombivli, the No. 3 neighborhood collected a total of 66,500 rupees as a fine from citizens. recorded fewer violators, with the least fine of Rs 1500. As a result, a total of Rs 1.76 lakh was collected in the 10 neighborhoods of the twin city, “said an official from KDMC.

In a similar action, carried by the KDMC before three days, had collected Rs 1.78 lakh, out of a total of 357 citizens, spotted without a mask.

The Thane Municipal Corporation has again sealed bars and wine merchants spotted in violation of COVID standards, during a regular inspection carried out for a few days. “On Wednesday, a total of 5 bars and a wine merchant, including a bar in the Wagle estate, three bars in Vartak Nagar and one in the Mumbra district, while a wine store in Lokmanya Nagar was sealed,” an official said. TMC encroachment department.

The TMC has trained the teams to remain vigilant on citizens who move around without masks and violate social distancing standards. On Tuesday, five restobars in the Majiwada-Manpada and Naupada neighborhoods were sealed in a similar drive carried by TMC.

165 new COVID cases in KDMC:

In Thane as of Wednesday, 58,789 patients have been recovered from COVID-19 so far, while 1,406 are currently active patients in the town of Thane. The death toll in the town of Thane has reached as high as 1,326. As of Wednesday, more than 177 new cases were detected, while no deaths were reported.

While in KDMC a total of 165 positive cases were detected on Wednesday. While, 2 deaths have been reported. At present, 1284 patients are active, while so far 59905 patients have been recovered from COVID in Kalyan-Dombivli.