These are difficult times and our ability to connect with those who are fighting for their lives is questioned.

International cricketer Dinesh Karthik has been impressed by the tragic stories of the second wave of Kovid-19. And the wicketkeeper batsman is doing his job quietly.

Lots of happiness

More recently, he gave checks to two families devastated by Kovid.

“It made me very happy. The fact is that I can ease their suffering, change their lives,” he told The Hindu on Tuesday.

And then, they are constantly receiving requests for help.

“When I was in Delhi there was a patient who was desperate for a hospital bed,” he said.

Karthik calls his contacts and manages to find a bed. “Satisfaction with helping someone was immense.”

The Tamil Nadu captain then helped a kovid patient seeking oxygen in Chennai. He said, “The happiness you get from helping the needy at this time equals your every achievement on the cricket field.”

Nevertheless, there were several occasions when Karthik faced disappointments. When the request for Remedisvir came, they tried every source, but the injection was not found.

Pale in comparison

Karthik said, the epidemic enabled him to see things in the right perspective.

“There are few things we work on or struggle with in comparison to this life and death duality. Before the epidemic spread, we took our independence for granted. Now we know how precious it was. “

Seeing the suffering of the poor, he said, “We realize how privileged we are. That’s why we need to reach out.”

Karthik is confident that India will eventually win against Kovid.

“We are a tough, sustainable country.”