The health industry dealing with elective surgeries has dried up a bit since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Most people are reluctant to walk into a hospital and have surgery at this time.

The pandemic has left a mark on the functioning of hospitals and it will take long, concentrated efforts to mitigate its effects. People understand the importance of surgeries for urgent cases, but they often don’t see the consequences of delaying elective surgeries.

Delaying surgical procedures can have real negative effects on the health of the patient. In a report published in the NCBI, the World Health Organization warned people against delaying or ignoring essential health services, including elective surgeries. A similar trend has been observed in the case of diagnostic evaluation of patients who are due for tests such as anoscopies, colonoscopies, Pap tests, etc.

One of the fastest growing healthcare providers in India dealing with elective surgeries is Pristyn care. Since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, Pristyn Care has experienced different changes and trends in people’s outlook towards elective surgeries. In the words of Dr Vaibhav Kapoor, co-founder of Pristyn Care, “We are constantly striving not only to provide health care, but also to educate people about elective surgeries. If you are recommended to have surgery, it’s only because the doctor thinks it might work better for you. Ignoring it can have repercussions, often not in your favor.

From emotional consequences to health complications, delaying surgery can hurt more than you might think. Delaying surgeries can lead to:

  1. Worsening conditions:

Delaying surgical care for any illness can lead to worsening medical conditions. At first, the problems may not seem important, but they can gradually turn fatal. For example, if you are diagnosed with a hernia that requires surgery but not necessarily prompt surgery, delaying it for later can gradually make the hernia bigger and, in the worst case, lead to strangulation and incarceration. .

Delaying surgery is not advised if you have the following conditions:

  • internal bleeding
  • bone fractures
  • nerve damage
  • anorectal infections
  • difficulty in breathing
  • venous disorders

These symptoms can indicate serious health problems and if the doctor suggests surgery, it should not be delayed.

  1. Increased emotional distress

The longer you delay treatment, the more anxious you become. The thought and anticipation of an upcoming surgery can cause emotional anxiety in any patient. Anxiety impacts the mental health and general well-being of the patient and creates problems for surgeons to accurately monitor symptoms of the disease. The longer you delay surgery, the more severe the impact of emotional distress could be.

  1. Broken health and financial burden

The path to effective health care is an ongoing process. When the health care process encounters a gap or lacuna, treatment often has to be started from ground level. When health conditions worsen, patients end up needing temporary emergencies, which means more money has to be spent. When you get the surgical treatment at the right time, you benefit from ongoing healthcare management and you also end up saving money.

  1. Need emergency treatment

If you neglect surgery for an early-stage illness, it can get worse much later and require emergency care. It’s best to tackle a small health problem before it turns into a complex procedure. The operation that could have been done in a shorter time may not only become serious over time, but also more expensive and require a longer recovery time.

In a recent interview with Fortune India, Harsimarbin Singh, co-founder of Pristyn Care, spoke about the need to perform elective surgeries on time and how the company has survived the pandemic by prioritizing safety of every patient.

“There were patients who were concerned about having the operation during the pandemic and who could be asked to delay the operation for a period of time. But then there were also patients who really needed care. There were people who suffered from problems like blood loss due to anorectal health issues. Constant blood loss can cause your hemoglobin level to drop and this needs to be taken care of. And there are more examples like that. So not all surgeries can be delayed. To ensure patient safety, we have separated our partner hospitals – those that have cared for covid patients and those that have not cared for covid patients. We have provided medical staff with everything necessary to provide safe treatment to patients. We have launched an online consultation so that people can discuss their issues with doctors and surgeons from the comfort of their own homes. We have also implemented remote insurance authorization based on data analysis ”, Singh said.

“Treatment for cardiac arrests, cancer or any other serious health problem is never delayed. We need to understand why elective surgeries should not be delayed either. Pristyn Care does and will continue to do surgeries. What we need to learn from the pandemic is how we treat patients, ”added Dr GarimaSawhney, co-founder of Pristyn Care.

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