“In retrospect, it was a physical copy that got me out of it rather than my Kindle. Maybe it reminded me of all the little things I love about books – the yellowed pages and, of course, that old book smell, ”says Nikita.

Adding to that, Devashish says, “I spend so much of my life writing on my laptop and doing research online that I can’t bear to read an ebook. So even though I know I won’t be able to exceed 10 pages of a book, I still prefer to take it, feel it in my hands, touch the page, smell it, read it languidly, until it slips off my hands and collapses on my chest as I come out of exhaustion, then squeeze her absently as I doze off.

And, Sulagna is not a fan of ebooks either. “Drive blocking or not, I’ve never been comfortable with ebooks. With very myopic eyes, reading e-books was stressful. I feel like my reading experience deteriorates while reading them. So I always prefer physical books.