Despite a poor outing in the last two IPLs, Maxwell managed to earn big money again in this year’s auction when RCB signed him for 14.25 crores

Big-hit Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell says being confined to bio-bubbles can become a “nightmare” and cricketers are leading a “tough lifestyle” right now to ensure they do their job Continue

Maxwell, who has had his share of problems with mental fatigue in the past, acknowledged that adjusting to such a life amid the COVID-19 epidemic certainly overshadowed players around the world.

“It’s so hard (to move from one bubble to another) … you’re being sheltered from people outside your bio-safe bubble and you’re trapped in this never-ending nightmare where you’re the one Are living again and again in the day ”he said in an interview posted by his IPL franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore on his YouTube channel.

“You almost forget how to have a normal conversation with the outside world. It can be very tough mentally and is a big challenge. But it’s great that we’re playing back and doing our jobs And are able to entertain people. But that’s great. ” Still a difficult lifestyle, ”he said.

“It also puts pressure on a lot of relationships. You need your support network to get you through those difficult times.” Talking about the upcoming IPL, Maxwell said he could not care less for all the crap around his hefty price tag despite underperforming previous performances as he had long-held dreams of playing alongside Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers Excited about watching.

Despite a poor outing in the last two IPLs, Maxwell managed to earn big money again in this year’s auction when RCB signed him for 14.25 crores.

Maxwell said in an interview, “It’s a long time (dream of playing with Kohli and de Villiers). Obviously he is very well known from the field, but I play on the same team.” RCB on its YouTube page.

“Not really,” was his response to a question whether he was surprised by the high bid attracted at the auction.

“I felt there might be a little interest in it. A lot of teams have brought in that middle-order foreign player, but I knew that one-two teams were looking out of a bat and I’m glad that two teams are more difficult. Done and RCB caught me. “RCB will take on Mumbai Indians in the tournament opener in Chennai on Friday.

He said that his vast experience of playing in Indian conditions can prove to be easy for Kohli and RCB.

“… I think my performance will take care of itself. I want everything I do to have a positive impact, be it attitude, helping around the team, leadership helping Virat , When he needs…

Maxwell said, “I feel like I’m making my 22nd trip to India with my experience … so that kind of experience has helped you to help the rest of the group.”

Maxwell said that having spent the entire period of lockdown with his fiancé at his Melbourne home, he now feels fresh and cannot wait for his new IPL side to take the field.

“I was very excited to go. A new team, a new tournament that we are bringing back to India after Dubai last year, I was very excited. Happy to be out of quarantine. It was nice to see some friendly faces, Meet some. New people, get out and run away.

“Hopefully, lifts up other people too when they see you running around happily. It can be contagious, it can spread through the group much faster than it can be a negative reaction.” . ”